Ekopet JSC PET plant manufactures polyethylene terephthalate (PET, Eng. PET) under the EköRet trademark, designed for the production of PET bottles for carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, juices, dairy products, vegetable oil, other containers and food packaging, including products from sheet thermoforming (corex), as well as various products of technical, medical and domestic purposes.

Packing: Polyethylene terephthalate is packaged in soft specialized containers (big bags) made of laminated polypropylene fabric or polypropylene fabric with polyethylene liners type MKP-1.2L4-1.5, net weight 1050 ± 5 kg.

By agreement with the consumer, other types of EköRet packaging are allowed, ensuring the safety of the quality and quantity of polyethylene terephthalate during transportation and storage.


One of the priorities of Ekopet JSC is commitment to our customers satisfaction.

We provide our partners with technical support during all processing stages of EKÖPET branded polymer. Technological specialists are always happy to answer any questions arising, provide comprehensive assistance to those who have just recently started processing, and continue a fruitful dialogue with our long-standing, reliable partners.

You can contact directly our Chief Technology Officer Maxim Ermolaev, m.ermolaev@ekopet.ru

For any further questions please contact office@ekopet.ru