Management system

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Ecopet JSC is an actively developing, largest producer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in granules intended for the production of packaging for food, technical and domestic purposes.

The technology is based on unique global developments in the field of plastic production, which ensures the growth of the domestic and European polymer packaging markets with high-quality raw materials.

The main strategic goal of Ecopet JSC is to achieve a leading position in world markets in terms of production of stably high quality products by improving the work of all business processes that ensure sustainable growth of the financial position of the enterprise.

Expressing our commitment to the main strategic goal of Ecopet JSC, we accept the following obligations:
  1. To produce products of consistently high quality, on time, of a predetermined volume, at competitive prices, satisfying the requirements and expectations of our consumers by using the latest equipment, modern advanced production technologies and competent, rational resource management.
  2. Implement and maintain management systems in accordance with the international standards of the ISO 9000 series.
  3. Create a system of continuous improvement of business processes, guided by international standards of the ISO 9000 series to achieve the goals and implement the strategy.
  4. To conduct business honestly and openly in relation to our Partners, Customers and Contractors.
  5. Comply with international standards applicable to the activities of Ecopet JSC, the laws of the Russian Federation and local standards.
  6. To create a team of like-minded people united by understanding the development strategy of the enterprise, goals and objectives in the field of quality, continuously improve the professional competence of the staff and involve all employees of Ecopet JSC in activities to continuously improve and increase the effectiveness of management systems.
  7. Require employees of Ecopet JSC, contractors working on the territory of the Company, visitors located on the territory of the Company to comply with the standards, norms and rules for labor protection, industrial, fire and environmental safety adopted by Ecopet JSC.
  8. Apply and develop the acquired production experience, plan and implement measures related to the constant and systematic reduction of production losses and risk taking into account by systematizing, analyzing and performing corrective actions aimed at eliminating various types of non-conformities that arise during the production process.

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In 2019, Ecopet JSC introduced a quality management system. After the leadership of the company made the decision to start the certification procedure, a management system certification body was selected that has worldwide recognition - Bureau Veritas, founded in 1828 and is the world leader in testing, inspection and certification.

 In mid-July, leading experts of Bureau Veritas Certification Rus conducted a certification audit of the quality management system of Ecopat JSC. According to its results, a positive decision was made to issue a certificate confirming the compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. Certification of a quality management system defines common rules and standards regarding the quality management of an enterprise. A fundamental principle is customer focus. The task of the QMS is not to control a single process or procedure. It is to minimize management and production errors.

 Obtaining a certificate confirming compliance of business processes with the current ISO 9001: 2015 standard is a recognition of the professionalism of management, a high level of technical equipment, and compliance with legislation in the field of safety and environmental protection.

 The implementation of the QMS and further adherence to the requirements of the standard result in the growth of a consumer audience, access to new sales markets, expansion of production capabilities, positive results of prequalification of the largest companies (both in the Russian and foreign markets), participation in government tenders.