2007 year

  • Special Economic Zone status was granted
  • Positive findings of the project were obtained
  • A construction permit was obtained
  • Construction was commenced

The company Ekopet JSC was included in the register of residents of the Special Economic Zone of the Kaliningrad region with a declared amount of investment of 2.6 billion RUB. As of 2007, it was the second largest investment project in the SEZ.

2008 year

  • 2008.jpgSteel structures of main buildings were assembled
  • Aluminum silos were assembled
  • Site equipment was installed
  • Oversized equipment was installed

year 2009

  • 2009.jpgProcess equipment is supplied and installed
  • Technological pipelines are installed
  • Aluminum silos for PTA and finished products are assembled and installed
  • Aluminum tanks for EG are assembled and installed

2010 year

  • 2010.jpgSpecial Economic Zone status was confirmed
  • Process control systems were installed and adjusted
  • Startup and commissioning works were completed

  • Chemical laboratory equipment was installed and adjusted
  • Raw materials supply

2011 year 

  • 2011.jpgThe first batch of ЕkÖРet PET was produced; as a result of startup and commissioning works, the plant was put into operation 
  • PET of the ЕkÖРet trademark was certified as compliant with the national and international requirements for food-grade polymers
  • Contracts with customers from Russia, CIS countries and countries of Western and Eastern Europe were signed for the supply of ЕkÖРet PET
  • The chemical laboratory of quality analysis of Ekopet was accredited as a technically competent testing center by the Federal Accreditation Service  

2012 year

  • 2012.jpgThe company Ekopet, together with the companies RZD-Logistics and Transcontainer, developed and organized an uninterrupted system for PET transportation by rail along the route Kaliningrad - Moscow.
  • The packing of PET into containers in bulk using polymer liners (liner bags) was introduced
  • Lawson's Enterprise Management System, an up-to-date multi-platform solution set based on Java technologies was implemented
  • Ekopet JSC took the lead in PET production in the Customs Union. At year-end 2012, the company had produced 145.5 mt of PET chips
  • MEG transshipment was transferred from Klaipeda to Kaliningrad

2013 year

  • 2013.JPGThe company took part in the trade fair Interplastica 2013
  • The company joined the non-commercial partnership for development of the polyethylene terephthalate industry, ARPET
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance activities were carried out
  • A container train from Kaliningrad in cooperation with TransContainer was launched
  • Ekopet JSC held the leading position in PET production in the Customs Union.

2014 year

  • 2014.jpgIn January, the first PET lots of EKORET FRH, a polymer modified with a Fast Reheat energy-saving additive, was produced
  • The following measurement procedures were developed by the Chemical Laboratory and certified by N.M. Fedorovsky All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Mineral Raw Materials:
  1. Determination of the mass fraction of acetaldehyde in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) by gas chromatography. Federal Act 1.31.2014.17719

  2. Determination of color coordinates of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and isophthalic acid (IPA) in CIE LAB system. Federal Act 1.31.2014.18720

2015 year

  • 2015.jpgIn April, the high-temperature organic HTM heating system was transferred from fuel oil to natural gas as a fuel

  • In October, a modified type of PET of the new trademark EKOPET SP was produced for the first time, against the order of the American company DAK Americas
  • In accordance with Federal Act No. 412 of December 28, 2013 “Accreditation in the National Accreditation System”, the Chemical Laboratory passed the competency verification procedure, Decision 1793-GU dated June 19, 2015.

2016 year

  • 2016.jpgNovember-December 2016. The Chemical Laboratory arranged and conducted interlaboratory comparative tests (ILT) among producers and processors of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). 12 testing laboratories took part in the ILT.

2017 year

  • 2017.jpgIn November, during a planned shutdown for turnaround maintenance, a discharge pump and shaft seals of the disk reactor agitator were replaced.
  • ps25.jpgIn April 2017, Pellet Scanning System PS25C was put into operation in the Chemical Laboratory. PS25C Pellet Scanning System is used for optical quality control of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) pellets. The scanning system PS25C makes it possible to quickly view large volumes of PET control samples, detect any inclusions in the pellets, as well as measure the size of these inclusions.
  • In accordance with Federal Act No. 412 of December 28, 2013 “Accreditation in the National Accreditation System”, the Chemical Laboratory passed the competency verification procedure, Decision No. PK 2.453 dated September 6, 2017.

2018 year

  • 2018.jpgIn February, silos for finished product storage and a feed conveyor for raw materials were equipped with magnetic separators
  • On 15.08.2018, a service engineer from OCS Service GmbH (Germany) carried out maintenance of PS25C scanning unit
  • On 31.08.2018, pre-commissioning activities for Clarus 690 gas chromatograph and Turbomatrix HS 40 head space sampler were carried out.
  • The Chemical Laboratory staff was trained within the framework of gas chromatography practical training under the guidance of Denis Sipkin, a chromatography expert from SchelTec LLC
  • Automatic Viscosity Measurement System LAUDA PV24 with VRM4 flush module was purchased and commissioned on 08.11.2018.
  • The company reached full production capacity, i.e. 660 tons per day

2019 year

  • 2019.jpgIn March, technical revamp of the pellet conditioning system was completed.
  • The measurement procedure “Determination of intrinsic viscosity of diluted solutions of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) by capillary viscometry” was developed by the Chemical Laboratory and certified by the Ural Research Institute of Metrology. Certificate of attestation No. 241.0056 / RA.RU.311866/ 2019.
  • Between 03.06.2019 and 22.06.2019, 1-year students majoring in 18.02.12-Technology of Analytical Control of Chemical Compounds of the Institute of Living Systems of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University undertook their work experience internship in the Chemical Laboratory and gained professional skills and experience.
  • Ekopet JSC successfully passed certification of the company's quality management system (QMS) as compliant with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015
  • The chemical laboratory of Ekopet JSC passed the procedure of confirmation of the Accredited Person’s competence in compliance with accreditation criteria. The approved area of accreditation of the chemical laboratory of Ekopet JSC includes research of high-viscosity polyethylene terephthalate of EKOPET trade mark, purified terephthalic acid, isophthalic acid, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, sewage and natural water.

2020 year

  • 2019.jpgRepresentatives of Ekopet JSC visited Interplastica 2020, the 23rd International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber, which was held in Moscow from 28 to 31 January 2020
  • The chemical laboratory of Ekopet JSC took part in interlaboratory comparative tests of the 4th stage of ILC ROSA-2019. According to the results, the chemical laboratory of Ekopet JSC showed high accuracy of the analysis results and took second place among 568 testing laboratories of the Russian Federation
  • In March, Denis Saliy, Head of the Representative Office of the Kaliningrad Region Government under the Russian Government, paid a working visit to Ekopet JSC.
  • In March 2020, Ekopet JSC was included in the register of bona fide export suppliers
  • In April 2020, Ekopet JSC completed the first stage of the national project to increase labor productivity
  • In June, the company successfully passed certification in the VSC "Made in Russia" and is now entitled to use the mark "Made in Russia"
  • In July, Ekopet JSC successfully passed the first supervisory audit of the functioning management systems for compliance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2015
  • By the order of the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region dated July 24, 2020, Ekopet JSC was included in the list of systemically important organizations of regional significance that among other things have a significant impact on employment and social stability in the Kaliningrad Region
  • Ekopet JSC expanded the available range of products and released a new polyethylene terephthalate grade - EKOPET 64 Film Grade
  • Ekopet JSC joined the ranks of winners of the regional stage of the all-Russian competition "100 best goods of Russia", held in St. Petersburg

2021 year

2021.jpgDepo Computers implemented a fail-safe infrastructure of virtual desktops forEkopet

• EkopetJSC received a certificate of protection of its trademark under the Madrid system in the European Union and India

• In February 2021, the chemical laboratory of Ekopet JSC passed the procedure for confirming its competence for compliance with the Accreditation Criteria approved by Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia No. 707 dated 26.10.2020 and requirements of GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2019 "General requirements to the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" (examination certificate No. 8964 dated 17.02.2021)

• Ekopet JSC became the winner in the nomination "Best Industrial Enterprise" of Amber Mercurybusiness award.

• TATNEFT won an auction to acquireEkopet Group of Companies