2007 year

  • Obtaining SEZ status
  • Getting a positive project review
  • Obtaining permission to build an object
  • Start of construction

The company Ecopet JSC was included in the register of residents of the Special Economic Zone of the Kaliningrad Region with a declared investment volume of 2.6 billion rubles. For 2007, it was the second largest investment project in the SEZ.

2008 year

  • 2008.jpgAssembly of metal structures of the main structures
  • Aluminum silo assembly
  • Installation of equipment on an object
  • Installation of oversized equipment

year 2009

  • 2009.jpgOrganization and installation of technological equipment
  • Installation of process pipelines
  • Assembly and installation of aluminum silos for TFK and finished products
  • Assembly and installation of aluminum containers under the EG

2010 year

  • 2010.jpgSEZ resident status confirmation
  • Installation and commissioning of process control systems
  • Commissioning
  • Installation and commissioning of chemical laboratory equipment
  • Supply of raw materials

2011 year 

  • 2011.jpgIn February, the first batch of EkÖPet PET was produced. As a result of commissioning, the company was commissioned.
  • EkÖPet PET is certified for compliance with Russian and international requirements for polymers intended for contact with food
  • Contracts have been signed for the supply of EkÖРet PET with consumers in Russia, the CIS countries and Western and Eastern Europe
  • Chemical laboratory of quality of JSC Ecopet is accredited for technical competence by the Federal Accreditation Service as a testing center

2012 year

  • 2012.jpgEcopet JSC, together with Russian Railways Logistics and Transcontainer, has developed and organized an uninterrupted system for transporting PET by rail along the Kaliningrad-Moscow route.
  • The packaging of PET in a container was introduced in bulk using polymer liners (liners)
  • The Lawson enterprise management system was introduced, which is a modern multi-platform complex of solutions based on Java technologies
  • Ecopet JSC has become a leader in the production of PET in the Customs Union. At the end of 2012, the company produced 145.5 tons of PET granulate
  • Transferred by MEG transshipment from Klaipeda to Kaliningrad

2013 year

  • 2013.JPGThe company took part in the Interplastica 2013 exhibition
  • Entered into non-profit partnership on development of the polyethylene terephthalate industry "ARPET"
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance work
  • Launch of a container train from Kaliningrad together with TransContainer OJSC
  • Ecopet JSC retained its leadership in the production of PET in the territory of the customs union

2014 year

  • 2014.jpgIn January, for the first time, batches of ECFET FRH PETP, a polymer modified with an energy-saving additive, were produced «Fast Reheat».
  • The chemical laboratory developed and certified in FSUE "VIMS" measurement methods:
  1. Determination of the mass fraction of acetaldehyde in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) by gas chromatography. Federal Law 1. 31. 2014. 17719
  2. Determination of the color coordinates of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), terephthalic acid (TFA) and isophthalic acid (IFC) in the CIE LAB system. Federal Law 1. 31. 2014. 18720

2015 year

  • 2015.jpgIn April, the installation of heating a high-temperature organic coolant was transferred from fuel oil to natural gas as fuel
  • In October, by order of the American company DAK Americas, the first modified PET of the new ECORET SP brand was produced for the first time
  • In accordance with Federal Law No. 412 dated 12/28/2013 “On Accreditation in the National Accreditation System”, the Chemical Laboratory passed the competency confirmation procedure, decision 1793-GU dated 06/19/2015.

2016 year

  • 2016.jpgNovember-December 2016. The Chemical Laboratory organized and conducted inter-laboratory comparative tests (MSI) among manufacturers and processors of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). 12 test laboratories took part in the ISI.

2017 year

  • 2017.jpgIn November, during a planned shutdown for maintenance and repair, the discharge pump and shaft seals of the mixer of the disk reactor were replaced.
  • ps25.jpgIn April 2017, the PS25 C granule scanning system was put into operation at the chemical laboratory. The PS-25C granule scanning system is used for optical quality control of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) granules. The PS25C scanning installation allows you to quickly view large volumes of PET control samples, detect the presence of inclusions in granules, and measure the size of these inclusions.
  • In accordance with Federal Law No. 412 of December 12, 2013 “On Accreditation in the National Accreditation System”, the Chemical Laboratory passed the competency confirmation procedure, decision No. PK 2.453 of September 6, 2017.

2018 year

  • 2018.jpgIn February, silos for storage of finished products and the conveyor of raw materials are equipped with magnetic separators
  • 08/15/2018 a service engineer of the company OCS Service GmbH (Germany) carried out maintenance of the scanning installation PS25C /
  • 31. 08.2018, commissioning of the Clarus 690 gas chromatograph and Turbomatrix HS 40 balance steam meter were carried out.
  • The staff of the Chemical Laboratory underwent training in the practical course of gas chromatography under the supervision of the chromatography specialist of Sheltek LLC Sipkin Denis Igorevich.
  • Purchased and put into operation 08.11. 2018 LAUDA PV24 automatic viscosity measuring system with flushing module VRM4.
  • The company has reached full production capacity, which is 660 tons per day

2019 year

  • 2019.jpgIn March, the technical re-equipment of the pellet conditioning system was completed
  • The chemical laboratory developed and certified at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "UNIIM" the measurement method: "Determination of the characteristic viscosity of dilute solutions of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) by capillary viscometry. Certification Certificate No. 241. 0056 / RA.RU.311866 / 2019.
  • In the period from June 3, 2019 to June 22, 2019, the first-year students of the specialty 18.02.12 - Technology of analytical control of chemical compounds of the Institute of Living Systems FSAEI of Higher Education " Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University ".
  • Ecopet JSC successfully passed certification of the company's quality management system (QMS) for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015
  • The chemical laboratory of Ecopet JSC has passed the procedure for confirming the competence of an Accredited person with accreditation criteria. The approved area of ​​accreditation of the chemical laboratory of Ecopet JSC includes research on high viscosity polyethylene terephthalate EKOPET brand, terephthalic acid, isophthalic acid, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, sewage, natural water.