The focus area of ​​HR management at Ekopet JSC is the use of methods and organization forms to develop goals and objectives aimed at maintaining, strengthening and development of the talent pool of the company, as well as creating a highly efficient and tightly-welded team able to respond to changing market requirements in a timely manner.

The core value of Ekopet JSC is its employees.

The company's management team sets the working environment contributing to compliance with the following principles of staff relations:

• Respect the employees, creating a favorable environment for work, creative development and improvement, as well as for outdoor activities, a good rest and health improvement;

• Motivate the employees to grow and work efficiently, with the appropriate, timely and effective use of the most advanced higher-performance incentives;

• Provide equal opportunities for professional and career growth of employees by performing certification and assessment of personnel against the background of increasing growth in complexity and level of tasks; 

• Encourage each employee's initiative, welcoming and supporting the most ambitious ideas and solutions, involving in the company management, unreservedly respecting every person's opinion.

We are looking forward to receiving CVs of professionals who would like to work in our company.