Licenses and Permissions

Environmental sustainability, as well as a high quality of the final product and occupational safety and health are crucial principles of work and competitive advantages of the company. Ekopet is in possession of all the required documents for implementation of its production activities.

Based on the Federal Act No. 261-FZ of 23.11.2009 «On energy saving, improving energy efficiency and amending certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation», the company obtained an energy performance certificate, registration No. GE-0244-0001-P-140113/0049 of the consumer of fuel and energy resources (October 2012) issued by the Non-Profit Partnership Self-Regulatory Organization “Guild of Energy Auditors”, a company that carried out an energy audit of OOO EneEka, included in the energy performance certificate register of the “Guild of Energy Auditors”.

Below is a list of the documents obtained for the operation of the PET plant:

  • Certificate of registration of hazardous production facilities

  • Notice of the operation of radiation sources

  • License to carry out the following type of activity: Operation of explosion and fire hazardous and chemically hazardous production facilities of I, II and III hazard classes”

  • Certificate for emergency rescue operations in emergency situations

  • Permit to use technical devices at hazardous chemical facilities.

  • Hygiene Certificate for production from 2013

  • Hygiene Certificate for production from 2017

  • Accreditation certificate of the testing laboratory from 19.12.2017

  • License No. 39-A-00002 dated 02.10.17 (for fire extinguishing activity)

  • Certificate of Conformity of the Company of the Russian Maritime Register