Company's mission

The development of a modern Russian enterprise, based on unique world developments in the field of plastic production, to provide the growing domestic and European polymer packaging markets with high-quality raw materials.


  • Leadership in the markets of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Production of stably high quality products that meet the requirements of the market and consumers.
  • Organization of production and production process that meets the most stringent standards in the field of environmental protection and ecology.
  • Ensuring profitable activities of the enterprise due to continuous improvement and optimization of business processes, technologies and resources.

Company Principles:

Efficiency - implementation of tasks in a timely manner at optimal cost.
Quality - the use of modern technologies and quality control methods for the production of products that meet both domestic and international quality standards.
Professionalism - creating a team of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the polymer market.
Reliability - Ecopet JSC is a reliable partner that complies with all legal norms and principles of activity, and also guarantees the quality of the product. Each employee is personally responsible for the reputation of the company.
Development - the company adheres to the strategy of strengthening its positions in both the Russian and European markets.

Competitive advantages:

Polyethylene terephthalate of the EköPet trademark is a high-quality product that meets both domestic and international quality standards, according to tests conducted by accredited testing centers in Russia and Europe.

Using the latest PET 2R MTR production technology from the CompanyUhde Inventa Fischer GmbH allows you to get a polymer with a reduced melting point, much lower compared to traditional types of PET, the degree of crystallinity and the practical absence of dust in the composition of the shipped product.

The company minimized the negative environmental consequences of production activities, set up a continuous process to improve the work to reduce the harmful effects of production on the environment within the framework of the approved “Ecological Program”.

MTR® technology eliminates the need for solid-state polycondensation and allows to obtain a polymer with a reduced melting point, significantly lower than the traditional types of PET, the degree of crystallinity and the practical absence of dust in the composition of the shipped product, due to which our customers not only receive a high-quality product, but also reduce energy costs and waste levels in the processing of PET.