Mission statement

Our company proudly follows its mission comprising of understanding responsibility to our customers, consumers of our products and services. Considering the needs of our customers, we are striving to provide the highest quality standards at each stage of interaction. Our activities are continuously associated with an ongoing process of cost reduction to maintain an acceptable price level. We make sure the customers’ orders are processed at the designated time along every step. We are eager to afford our partners an opportunity to gain a decent profit.

We take full responsibility for our employees, men and women who work in our company. We recognize and value everyone’s individuality. We have a profound respect for their expertise and validate their efforts: it is important for us to promote the employees’ feeling of confidence about the future and an opportunity to take care of their families. Earnings should be fair and proportionate, and working conditions should ensure comfort, order and safety. 

We are happy to accept any suggestions and comments, being open for any feedback and providing every employee of our company with an opportunity to express their opinion. We give equal opportunities for getting a job, development, training and promotion in the company. We follow a fair and ethical policy in terms of the senior management’s actions.

       We have a full understanding of the degree of responsibility to our shareholders. Our activity is supposed to be highly profitable owing to our concerted efforts. We do our best to adhere to the innovation line, conduct research and development activities, think outside the box and learn from our mistakes. With each passing day, we must become a better version of ourselves, be prepared for any unforeseen challenges and have sufficient reserves to overcome them.

       Ultimately, we are also responsible to the society in which we live and work, both domestically and abroad. We fulfill our civic duty: we dutifully pay our taxes, support any good deeds, and are ready to assist in challenging situations. We are dedicated to contribute to improvements in the social, healthcare and education sectors. We take care of the property entrusted to us, preserving natural resources and protecting the environment.