AAnalyst 400 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

AAnalyst 400. Atomic absorption spectrometers manufacturer PerkenElmer company, USA, Serial number 201S804200, year of manufacture 2008.

Confirmed requirements of the technical regulation "On requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuel, jet fuel and heating oil" according to the "List of National Standards" No. 1191-r: Clause 7. GOST R 51925-2002 "Petrol.

Determination of manganese by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Clause 8. GOST R 51942-2002 "Gasolines. Determination of lead by atomic absorption spectrometry" GOST R EN 237-2008 "Liquid petroleum products. Determination of low concentrations of lead by atomic absorption spectrometry" (a method used in case of disputes).

AAnalyst 400 atomic absorption spectrometers set new standards in the analysis of the elemental composition of materials. These are the first serial devices with a real two-beam Eshel - an optical system. AAnalyst 400 is an atomic absorption spectrometer that provides complete automation of flame and furnace AA variants with impeccable parameters at an affordable price.



Optical system.

Photometer: Eshele's real two-beam system. Optics with protective coatings, in an insulating protective case with the ability to purge with inert gas.

Monochromator: Eshele scheme, focal length - 300 mm, lattice area - 36x185 mm, 79 lines / mm with a brightness angle of 76 °. Quartz prism 95x40 mm, 60 °, range 189-900 nm, spectral resolution 0.12 nm at 200 nm.

Detector: A wide-band segmented semiconductor detector integrated with a low-noise CMOS array of charge amplifiers.

Automatic lamp selection: 4-lamp holder with integrated power supply for hollow cathode and electrodeless lamps. Software control of lamp selection and alignment. Elements and analytical parameters are automatically recognized for PerkinElmer Lumina lamps.

Flame system.

Gas control: automated with the control of oxidizing agent and combustible gas and maintaining their constant ratio using the TotalFlow system (tm). Automatic ignition of acetylene-nitrous oxide mixture. Interlocks prevent ignition if the burner, spray gun and other operator errors are improperly installed. Gases are cut off if no flame is detected or if any blockage is active. Turning off the device during a power failure.

Burner block: automated selection of the vertical and horizontal position of the flame, inert spray chamber, highly sensitive GemTip - corrosion-resistant spray, titanium 10-cm and 5-cm single-gap and 10-cm three-gap burners for acetylene-air mixture, 5-cm single-slot nitrous oxide burner.

Modular design.

The devices use the latest quick-lock system, which provides a simple and reliable connection of elements among themselves. All electronics of the device are located in one compact module, which the user can replace independently.

Background correction.

Two-beam optical scheme with a deuterium corrector for flame and graphite atomizers.

Graphite furnace.

Computer-controlled graphite atomizer HGA 900 traditional longitudinal heating. The position of the furnace is adjusted programmatically. External blowing and internal blowing of the cell are controlled separately. The analytical program of the furnace - up to 12 steps. Each step can be programmed separately: temperature up to 3000 ° C, heating rate over 2000 ° C / s, linear temperature change in 0-99 s (step 1 s), holding time at a constant temperature 0-99 s (step 1 s), gas flow through the internal cavity of the furnace - 0/50/250 ml / min with the possibility of alternative gas, programmed pneumatic opening and closing of the furnace. An inert gas - argon - inlet pressure of 300 kPa is required. Maximum consumption 1.2 l / min. A closed water cooling system is provided (available on request).

Oven auto dispenser for AAnalyst 400.

Tripod for 88 or 146 positions for samples and standards plus a flow tank for washing the probe. The minimum sample size for analysis is 0.1 ml. Selected volume 1-99 μl (1 μl step). The maximum volume at dilutions of 99 μl (sample + reagent). Wash volume 1.3 ml.

  Optional Accessories.

Auto-dispensers AS-90plus and AS-93plus for use with a flame atomizer. Automatic dilution system AutoPrep 50. Flow-injection systems FIAS-100, 400 allow automatic determination of mercury and hydride-forming elements by converting them to hydrides with subsequent atomization; It is possible to use the MHS-15 mercury hydride attachment.

AAnalyst 400 data acquisition and processing system.

Full computer control of the spectrometer and additional input systems using AA WinLab32 and WinLab32 ES software package in Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP environment for data collection, processing and storage. Integration time 0.1-60 s in 0.1 s increments. Built-in statistics. Using up to 15 calibration solutions, recalibration - one solution at a time.

Dimensions and weight: Aanalyst: 70 x 65 x 65 cm; 49 kg HGA 900 - 32 x 47 x 97 cm; 43 kg with an autosampler.

  Features and Benefits of AAnalyst 400.

The real two-beam Eshel is optics. High aperture, stability and accuracy

Modular system design. Quick-detachable torch and electronics assemblies. Minimum space. Easy block replacement.

Reliable burner performance from PerkinElmer. Guaranteed result with fiery AA.

Automatic optimization of the position of the burner. Convenience in work, high reproducibility

Segmented Solid State Detector. High sensitivity and signal stability for all wavelengths used in AA.

4-bulb holder with integrated hollow cathode (HCL) and electrodeless lamp (EDL) power supply. Automatic lamp selection and alignment, wavelength, lamp current and slot selection

Full computer control of the spectrometer and all major consoles using the PerkinElmer AAWinLab32tm software package. Not only ease of operation and automatic tool preparation, but also comprehensive processing and storage of GLP data (practice of an exemplary laboratory.)

Graphite furnace HGA 900 longitudinal heating with integrated Lviv platform (STPF). Analysis in a graphite furnace - without influences and with exceptional detection limits. This greatly facilitates the development of techniques.

Quick replacement of flame and electrothermal atomizers. Very easy to use. A wide range of measured concentrations of elements on one device.


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