Ekopet JSC is the largest polyethylene terephthalate plant in Russia and Eastern Europe, established for implementing a long-term PET project in the Russian and European polymer markets.

Ekopet JSC is a resident of the special economic zone in the Kaliningrad region. The products of the Kaliningrad plant are supplied both to the Russian market and the markets of the European Union and CIS countries.

Ekopet JSC plant currently produces high-viscosity polyethylene terephthalate chips under the Eköpet trademark. Ekopet JSC produces high-viscosity PET chips under the Eköpet trademark, which is intended for the production of: PET bottles for carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, dairy products, vegetable oil, etc.; sheet thermoforming products; various products for technical, medical and household applications; PET of Ekopet 64 FG grade is perfectly suited for the production of BOPET films and can be used for the production of polyester fibers, which subsequently serve as the material for industrial-use nonwovens.  

The state-of-the-art technology of MTR comprising one-stage and two-phase production of PET resin is used for production of PET of the Eköpet trademark, which makes for reduction of capital costs, energy and raw materials consumption.  

This technology and equipment were developed by Uhde Inventa Fischer GmbH (Germany). This PET production technology provides for a polymer with a lower melting point, far lower than for traditional PET types, as well as a lower crystallinity degree and minimum dust content in the shipped product, resulting not only in a high-quality product, but also reduced energy costs during PET processing for our customers.

Ekopet is the first plant in Europe and the fourth in the world using MTR technology.

Since September 8, 2018, the sole shareholder of Ekopet JSC has been PAO National Bank Trust.

Non-Core Assets Bank (TRUST Bank (PAO)) is a Russian financial institution with majority state participation, established as part of the activities of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to improve the banking system.

It was founded in July 2018 on the basis of TRUST Bank (PAO) through consolidation of non-core assets of rehabilitated financial institutions. The bank activities are aimed at effective asset management and improvement, increasing market value and selling at the maximum price. The sale of these assets will make it possible for the state to recover the bailout costs of the largest banks.